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Introducing our new teeth whitening system! From dull to sparkle in only 20 minutes! Your teeth will be 2-8 shades lighter in just ONE 20 minute session.

Now you can have a beautiful smile with bright white teeth at a price much less than what you would pay at your dentist. Your smile is the first thing that people notice. Our new teeth whitening cosmetic treatment will make your smile noticeably whiter and brighter in only 20 minutes. BleachBright uses a combination of pulsed light, a whitening formula and a whitening accelerator to quickly and safely whiten your teeth.

Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can get a BleachBright professional teeth whitening.

Instant Teeth Whitening

Try the most powerful, yet gentle teeth whitener on the market at No Sand Tan. Our advanced technology can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. It’s painless, long lasting and can transform the way you look. You’ll walk out looking great and feeling like a movie star.

Safe for Sensitive Teeth

The BleachBright process is simple, safe, and painless. We use patented products that are FDA approved for maximum teeth-whitening. Results are most similar to professional treatments (commonly offered by dentists for at least $300, quadruple our price), but with less potential for causing extreme teeth sensitivity.

A More Confident You

Are your teeth stained from coffee, tea or smoking? A winning smile is a necessary asset these days. It will boost your confidence, improve your looks, and make your feel much better about yourself. A beautiful smile can also improve your social and career opportunities. Your friends and family will start complimenting you. Go ahead & let them in on the secret.

So Affordable!

One of the easiest and most popular ways to improve your smile is teeth-whitening. But it used to be that you had to spend months and thousands of dollars to get a brighter, shinier smile. But thanks to new technologies, a sexier smile is affordable to everyone.

Pricing: 20 Minutes – $119.00



Effective January 1, 2012, the minimum age for UV-light tanning in California will increase to 18. There is no age limit on UV-free spray tanning.
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