Custom Organic Spray Tans
The custom spray tanning process is designed to give you a tan that’s personalized to meet your specific tanning needs. It will cover up stretch marks; reduce the appearance of cellulite and certain skin conditions such as vitiligo and eczema. Airbrush Tanning is great for a variety of occasions: Weddings, special occasions, bachelorette parties, homecoming, prom, beauty pageants, professional body building competitions, dance competitions, before vacation or simply for an instant confidence boost!
  • Shower, Shave and Exfoliate before your tanning session.

  •  Skin must be clean and dry before being sprayed. Do not apply deodorant, moisturizers, perfumes, oils, or makeup before your tanning session.

  • Wear loose dark clothing and loose fitting sandals. DHA solution washes out of cotton garments, but will not wash out of synthetic, silk, leather or suede materials.

  • Remove all contact lens and jewelry before being sprayed and leave it off until your tan is set.

  •  Get manicures or pedicures before your spray tan. The exfoliant and water soak will take the color off legs & feet. Polish change after is OK.

  •  If it’s raining, wear something to cover your skin and bring an umbrella.