The Matrix L33 is the ultimate High-Pressure tanning experience. Our Matrix L33 features 360 degrees of High-Pressure tanning. With only a 12 minute session time, it emits the perfect amount of UVA and UVB rays to give you the deepest, darkest, longest lasting color in the least amount of time. Its modern design offers the ultimate tanning experience and is 99.7% UVB free. This technology prevents burning and allows more fair-skinned individuals to tan without the fear of burns from the UVB rays emitted from standard beds. This innovative tanning system is sure to become your favorite!


Eclipse (Stand Up)

The Sun Capsule Eclipse is the most powerful vertical (stand-up) tanning system ever produced by Sun capsule and features 54 250 watt VHR lamps with only 2.0% UVB (burning ray) which provide a spectacular tan. A 21 mile per hour (mph) breeze keeps body cool and comfortable throughout your session. N

Supersonic (Stand Up)

It doesn’t get any faster than this. The medium pressure Supersonic produces the darkest tan possible from exposure times of 7 minutes or less! The new 5.5 sided design adds 20% more exposure to the face and front of the body. Featuring a 22mph wind tunnel to keep you cool and comfortable, the Supersonic is the leader in vertical tanning and the most powerful Sun Capsule ever created!

Del Rey

The DelRey is the ultimate medium pressure bed in comfort and performance. With 3 High Pressure facial units, this luxurious tanning system is designed with minimal arch in the bench and canopy placing the lamps closer to your skin to produce deeper, darker tanning results. The12 minute bronzing bed has plenty of tanning surface allowing you to indulge in a more comfortable and cooler environment



The KBL 3500 is elegant, yet a true TANNING WORKHORSE! This top of its class level 2 bed offers 32-100 watt reflector body lamps and 3-400 watt adjustable facial tanners.